Sau đây Anh Ngữ ITC sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn đặt câu hỏi về mục đích và cách diễn tả mục đích trong câu.

diễn tả mục đích trong tiếng anh

1.Hỏi về mục đích

- why..............? tại sao.........?
Ex: Why do you want to learn English?
- what ...........for? để làm gì..........?
Ex : what did you buy it for?
- what is the purpose of......? Mục đích của.......là gì?
Ex: what is the purpose of her visit?
- vì sao .....?
Ex: what did you do ?

2. Diễn tả mục đích

a. For + Noun ( phrase) : để
Ex: He has gone out for dinner
I went to the supermarket for some foods
b. To do.....: để
Ex: He has gone out to eat dinner
Lưu ý : She has been to the post office for buying stamp ---------> câu này sai
She has been to the post office to buy stamp -----------> câu này đúng
Tuy nhiên có trường hợp ngoại lệ
To be used for doing / to do
Ex : A knife is used for cutting 
A knife is used to cut ( cả hai câu đều đúng)
c. In order to do = so as to do
Ex: He finished work early .He wanted to see the football match.
------> H e finished work early in order to see the football match
+ In order not to do = so as not to do
Ex: We whisper .We didn't want to disturb him. 
-------> So as not to disturrb him, we whisper
+ In order for sb/ sth to do : Để cho ai đó / cái gì làm gì
Ex: In order for the lift to work you must press this button
d. with a view to + V_ing : để làm gì , với ý định làm gì
Ex: With a view to preparing this report, I will visit a number of venues and attended quite a lot of games
e. So that / In order that + S__V ( can , could , may , might , will, would)
Ex: I left the letter on the table . I wanted him to see it when he came in
= I left the letter on the table so that he could see it when he came in
We were speaking quietly .We didn't want anyone to hear us
= We were speaking quietly in order that no one could hear it
f. For fear that S_V ( should): vì sợ rằng
Ex: I am telling you this for fear that you should make a mistake

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